DIY Christmas Church – Painted Dollar Tree Canvas

I’ve had this pack of Dollar Tree canvas panels for a while and just couldn’t decide how I wanted to use them so I stashed them away. Well, recently I’ve been seeing Christmas churches everywhere and wanted to give one a try!! Lo and behold I started looking for a surface and found these panels in my stash!! Let’s give this DIY Christmas church painted on a Dollar Tree canvas a try!!

White Apple Barrel paint and spackling

First things first, I’ll mix some white acrylic paint with spackling to make a thick, paste like paint.

White Apple Barrel paint and spackling mixed in a bowl

I’ll brush a coat of this mixture onto the surface of a panel.

Spackling mixture brushed onto a flat canvas panel

Next I want to add the church and I’ll do this by adding some of the mixture to an icing bag and piping it onto the panel surface.

Spackling mixture added to a piping bag
piping bag used to add a church outline onto the surface of a canvas panel
piping bag used to add a church outline onto the surface of a canvas panel
spackling church on canvas panel

Allow this to dry several hours or over night.

Adding the finishing touches…

Now it’s time to add the finishing touches with paint, distress ink, and a little Diamond Dust!!

Anita's Spring green paint

I used Anita’s Spring Green and True Red on the wreath.

wreath being painted green
spackling wreath painted green and red

I painted the church door red too. I wanted to darken the edges a bit, so I rubbed a distress ink block all the way around the canvas edges. Then I added gold paint to the edges of the church to set it apart from the canvas background and a small amount of Diamond Dust for a little sparkle.

spackling church and Diamond Dust along with Mod Podge

To finish this piece off I punched a hole in the top and added a strip of torn material.

It’s all finished and this one could be done on different surfaces if desired!! So easy AND I love all the texture!! What do you think? If you LOVE Christmas decor be sure to see how I used this gift bag!!

Completed church with red bow on Dollar Tree surface


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