Dollar Tree Grapevine Heart Valentine Sign

Valentine’s Day is coming soon but it’s no secret I don’t like to spend a LOT of money on holiday decor. When I spotted grapevine hearts at Dollar Tree I knew I wouldn’t have to because they would be perfect for a Dollar Tree grapevine heart Valentine sign that is soft and subtle, two of my favorite elements!!

Package of Dollar Tree grapevine hearts

What you’ll need…

Here’s what I’m using to create this Dollar Tree grapevine heart Valentine sign.

  • Dollar Tree grapevine hearts (pkg. of 5)
  • Hobby Lobby greenery (I’m using my favorite from the Hobby Lobby wedding aisle.)
  • Hot Glue
  • Small Sign (I scored this one from Hobby Lobby clearance for .79 cents!!)
  • Wire Snips

First things first, I’ll need to cut my greenery apart into smaller pieces using the snips.

pretty greenery and wire snips

I’ll lay pieces onto the face of the heart I’ve chosen to see how it fits. I lay all of my pieces facing downward, then go back and hot glue them.

pretty greenery being hot glued onto a grapevine heart
pretty greenery hot glued onto a grapevine heart

How easy was that?!? So simple to create and I LOVE the green and the natural look this piece has!!

Prepping the surface…

Now I need to get the surface ready but it won’t take long! I like lots of texture so I decide to use a piece of corrugated paper from Hobby Lobby and simply glue it to the surface of my .79 cent clearance find!! You can see that I also dry brushed a little white paint onto the corrugated paper to add some contrast.

small sign painted white
small rectangle of corrugated paper

Because this corrugated paper is so thick, I can get away with simply hot gluing it onto the sign surface.

small rectangle of corrugated glued to the face of a small sign

All done with the surface and there’s only one last thing to do, attach the grapevine heart!

grapevine heart flipped over with hot glue being applied to back

Can I tell you just how much I love the little grapevine “wispies” that stick out around the heart?!?

grapevine wreath glued to front of sign
grapevine wreath glued to front of sign

All the elements just really seem to come together for this one!! The grapevine heart with all of its’ character, the pop of green, and that great corrugated paper texture!! Love, love, love!! What do you think?? If you love budget friendly Dollar Tree projects be sure to take a look at this one!!

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