Valentine’s Day Ticket Garland

Valentine’s Day is coming and even if I don’t manage to decorate the rest of my home with all the things, my mantle will be done!! I’m using one of our NEW kits, this sweet Valentine’s Day ticket garland and it is long enough to to fit my whole mantle!

Valentine’s Day decor is traditionally vibrant red and pink, but I LOVE to keep things neutral and soft, so that’s my plan for this sweet garland. These wood tickets would be cute stained, painted, or even decoupaged, and I’ll be painting and decoupaging mine!

Adding Paint…

Since I want to keep this banner on the neutral side the first thing I’m doing is painting each ticket. I combined Anita’s Chocolate Brown with white paint to create the color I was wanting then painted each ticket. I then dry brushed white onto each ticket to give this banner a more muted look.

Apple Barrel white paint and Anita's acrylic Chocolate brown paint
Set of six wood tickets painted and distressed with white paint

Adding the Hearts…

For the hearts I plan on decoupaging the largest and painting the smaller ones. I want a softer look so I’m using some of my favorite scrapbook paper (Paper Studio Earth Tone Floral). I traced a heart onto the back of the paper 6 times and then cut them out.

heart cut out of scrapbook paper and Mod Podge

Apply a coat of decoupage onto the face of each heart and allow to dry. Lay the paper hearts onto the wood hearts, cover with parchment paper, and iron on. If the paper hangs off the edges just use a small file and it comes off easily.

wood hearts with Mod Podge being applied
wood heart with paper heart being ironed on
6 hearts with scrapbook paper ironed onto them

The small hearts will get a coat of Waverly Crimson and then white dry brushed onto them. After they are dry they are ready to be hot glued on. So simple and so sweet!!

Waverly red Crimson paint
wood Valentine tickets with hearts being glued on
Set of six wood tickets painted with hearts decoupaged, painted, and glued on
wood ticket with "love" etched on each end, decoupaged and painted hearts glued on, hanging on jute string
Set of six wood tickets painted with hearts decoupaged, painted, and glued on strung on jute to make a banner

I have to say I LOVE these colors and though I did use red, I think it maintained a subtleness. That floral paper worked perfectly too!! What do you think? If you would like to give this one a try you can find this unfinished Valentine’s Day Ticket Garland kit in our store!! Happy crafting!!

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