Dollar Tree Foam Pumpkin Easy Make-Over

I have to say, Dollar Tree has been knocking it out of the park with their ribbon and fat quarter material selections for fall!! Always peruse those boxes on the craft aisle y’all because you don’t want to miss out!! Last week I stumbled upon the prettiest fall ribbon, and this week it was some pretty material that we’ll be using today on this Dollar Tree foam pumpkin easy make-over!!

Dollar Tree material

I love the rain boots, red wagon, and the overall color palette on this material! I can envision them wrapped around a pumpkin which I conveniently picked up at Dollar Tree as well!!

Dollar Tree carvable pumpkin and material

I’ll be using one Dollar Tree foam pumpkin, one Dollar Tree material fat quarter, stick from the back yard, material strips, raffia, ivory paint, and hot glue.

Dollar Tree material

First of all, when I unroll my material it needs to be ironed. Before I do that I’ll go ahead and remove the stem from my pumpkin and create a hole in top for the stick stem. I’ll also apply a light coat of Ivory chalk paint onto the pumpkin so that it can be drying while I iron the material.

stem removed from Dollar Tree carvable pumpkin
Dollar Tree carvable pumpkin with hole in the top
pumpkin being painted with Waverly Ivory chalk paint
pumpkin painted with Waverly Ivory chalk paint

Adding some pretty details….

Next I’ll scour the back yard to find the perfect stick with lots of character!! This little guy will be perfect for my pumpkin and he was FREE!!

small stick to be used as stem

Once the paint is dry I’m ready to wrap the material, but I’ve noticed one side of the pumpkin will have upside down images so I decide to cut the material evenly in half first. This step will make more sense when you see the instructions below. If this doesn’t bother you feel free to skip this cutting step and go ahead and wrap that pumpkin friend!

material section cut in half
glue added to bottom of pumpkin

Next, flip that pumpkin over and add some craft glue to the bottom. There’s a seam on the pumpkin that I’m using as a guide that you can see here. Use a paint brush to smooth out the glue and then press the material on.

material section glued to bottom of pumpkin

material sections glued to bottom of pumpkin

Now you can see how the two pieces of material butt up to one another on the bottom. When we take the material to the top and tuck it in none of the images will be upside down.

material wrapped around pumpkin
material wrapped around pumpkin and tucked in top

I’m using a pencil to help push the material down into that hole, keeping in mind the stick will be pushed in as well.

stick with hot glue on bottom

Here I’m adding some hot glue to the bottom of the stick and then inserting it into the hole where I want it to fit snuggly.

stick inserted into pumpkin top

Finishing up…

Finally, let’s finish this Dollar Tree foam pumpkin easy make-over by adding some raffia and material strips. I’ll hot glue them to the top in front of the stick stem.

raffia and material strips being glued to top of pumpkin
Dollar Tree Foam Pumpkin Easy Make-Over

Oh my!! This is just the sweetest little pumpkin and it will add just the smallest touch of fall color to any decor. It’s also budget friendly since you purchase the pumpkin and material at Dollar Tree! I’d love to know what you think about this one and if you might give it a try! Have a wonderful day friend!!

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