DIY Burlap Candy Corn Banner – Easy Tutorial

One of my favorite fall decor staples is candy corn!! Whether you enjoy the candy or not, the yellow, orange, and white pieces make the cutest decor in wood, clay, or in this case… a DIY burlap candy corn banner!! It all started with this GREAT clearance find at Hobby Lobby that we’ll transform in the cutest banner.

$1.49 clearance burlap pennant banner that will be used to create a DIY burlap candy corn banner

I’m never one to pass up a clearance find, especially on something so versatile as a burlap banner! This was definitely a score for $1.49! Basically I’ll just be adding paint to this and it’s going to be transformed into beautiful fall goodness!! The banner has twelve pennants but I’ll only be using seven for this project.

Anita's acrylic paint in Bright Yellow, Pumpkin, and White

First up I’ll be using Anita’s acrylic paint in Bright Yellow, Pumpkin, and White. I’ll start with the white and paint the tip of each pennant. The candy corns will be hanging upside down since this is a banner. The middle section I’ll paint Pumpkin and then the top will be painted Bright Yellow.

pennant with tip painted white

During the painting process be sure to have napkins or paper under the pennants because the paint will definitely soak through the burlap. I’ll paint each pennant tip white and allow those to dry before painting the next color.

pennant painted yellow, orange, and white to resemble candy corn

Next I’ll continue with the Pumpkin for the middle section, and finish off the top with the Bright Yellow. Painting each color and allowing drying time makes the project less messy but takes a little more time.

DIY burlap candy corn pennant painted yellow, orange, and white to resemble candy corn

Once the paint is completely dry the burlap pennants will curl a little so I’ll put each pennant between some parchment paper and iron them flat again.

burlap pennants between parchment paper being ironed flat
DIY burlap candy corn banner pennant banner ironed flat

Now that the paint is dry I’ll add some Distress Ink to the edges to give each pennant a more primitive look.

painted pennant banner with Distress Ink in Walnut added

The finishing touch…

Lastly, I have one more detail to add! I’m tearing eight strips of white material and coffee staining them before adding them to the banner, securing them between each pennant.

Eight strips of torn material

I was so tempted to add some bling to this DIY burlap candy corn banner but decided to keep it simple this time. I’m loving the primitive look of this one! What do you think??

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