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I’ve had these Dollar Tree flour sacks in my craft stash for a while now and thought they’d be perfect for some shabby Dollar Tree flour sack flowers! When I added paint I loved the look AND it can be customized with different colors!

Dollar Tree flour sack towels and acrylic paint in red and blue

What I’m using…

I’ll be using the following supplies for this project:

  • One Dollar Tree Flour Sack Towel
  • Red and Blue Paint
  • Hot Glue & Hot Glue Tool
  • Large White Buttons
  • Wood Skewers
  • Waverly Antiquing Wax
Dollar Tree flour sack torn into strips

First, I’ll cut my towel in half and remove the hem. You don’t necessarily have to cut the towel in half, it just made it a little easier to work with as I tore it. Then, tear into at least 1 inch strips. As we color the material with paint and let it dry, it tends to roll and shrink a bit, so cutting the strips larger is important.

diluted red and blue paint

Next, I’ll dilute some red and blue paint with a little water. I added too much water the first time and had to add more paint to darken the material so just keep this in mind. You can see in the pic below the red looked pink, so I added more paint to darken. You could dye the material as well, I just opted for paint since that’s what I had on hand and it’s budget friendly.

flour sack strips after being submerged into diluted paint

Lay the strips out to dry completely before moving to the next step.

five inch section of torn flour sack stained blue

You can see that the paint looks faded in spots, but I really liked the “shabby” look of it so I didn’t add any more paint to darken. Cut each strip into approximately five inch sections. The paint will make the material a little crunchy and stiff, but I just smoothed each strip with my fingers. This will work to our advantage when we start forming our flowers. You could smooth them out with an iron, but do so with caution because the paint will bleed if the material gets wet.

flower made from sections of painted flour sack

Now starting folding the five inch sections in half and secure with hot glue. When you get three of these glued, glue the three together and then glue another group of three. Do this three times until you have nine loops (as shown above) all glued together with hot glue.

flower made from sections of painted flour sack

Adding Some Details…

Next, hot glue a large button into the center of the strips.

flower made from sections of painted flour sack

These Dollar Tree Flour Sack Flowers have a very shabby look to them that I just love so much!! Nothing perfect here but so, so much character!!

flower with stained wood skewer glued to the back

Lastly, stain a wooden skewer with the Waverly Antiquing wax and hot glue to the back of the flower. This will allow it to be used in any arrangement around your home. I want to add another reminder here, if the material gets wet it will bleed, so make sure these are indoor use only.

Dollar Tree Flour Sack Flowers

These Dollar Tree flour sack flowers can be made any size, as you can see here I used only six loops for the red flower and I spread the loops a little farther apart.

Dollar Tree Flour Sack Flowers

Paint or No Paint?

I even made one with just the flour sack material, no paint, and it turned out really pretty too! I have just fallen in love with how these little flowers look, with paint AND without! What do you think about them?? Let me know!

Dollar Tree Flour Sack Flowers
Dollar Tree Flour Sack Flowers

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