Easy Hanging Patriotic Rag Flag

I’ve been having so much fun ripping fabric and coffee staining them so I needed another project to express all of my efforts!! This fun decorative DIY combines material strips with a stick from the backyard to create an easy hanging patriotic rag flag!

First, I grabbed a 23 inch long stick from the back yard from recent tree timings. I’ll also be using about 24 strips of torn fabric. This will include 4 strips of blue printed material (10 inches long), 20 red and white strips that are 23 inched long, and 2 metal stars from Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby rusty stars
strips of material coffee and vanilla stained

After I tear all of my strips I’ll submerge them into a coffee and vanilla mixture and let them sit about 30 minutes. Squeeze out the excess liquid and lay them out to dry. I like to pop mine into the oven at 300 degrees for about 15 minutes. If you choose this option be sure to never leave them unattended while in the oven.

strips of material laid out under stick

Now, start laying out the material strips in the order you’d like under the stick. I staggered my red and white strips, while saving the blue for the top left hand corner.

gluing strips of material to stick

Start folding the end of each strip over the stick and start gluing with Aleen’s craft glue or another permanent glue.

gluing strips of material to stick

Attach the four blue strips to the stick on top of the red/white strips.

gluing strips of material to stick

Next, I’m wanting a little more texture and variation, so I’ll add strips of some different ribbons from Walmart.

Walmart ribbon

Adding the stars…

Finally, I’ll add some of the Hobby Lobby stars to the top with E-6000. The stars can be pried apart so you get two stars out of one. I’ll brush a little white paint onto each star to soften the look.

rusty star separated into two pieces
painting rusty star half

Finishing up this easy hanging patriotic rag flag, tie some jute string around each each of the stick and tie at the top for hanging.

completed easy hanging patriotic rag  flag

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