Easy Chippy Wood Technique DIY

Recently I was introduced to a NEW way to distress paint using packing tape and LOVE it!! For this DIY I’m making a sign and using lots of bright colors for spring. I can’t wait to see how it turns out using this easy chippy wood technique!

stained piece of wood

I already had this stained piece of wood in my stash so I grabbed it to use. You don’t have to stain the wood, but I always like the dark color popping through the paint here and there.

stained wood and paint colors, light turquoise, fuchsia, violet, true red, pumpkin, and metallic gold

First up let’s talk about all the bright colors I’ll be using! These are all acrylics and I’m using light turquoise, fuchsia, pumpkin, true red, violet, and metallic golden touch. The process is fairly simple. I’ll start by adding wax from a candle to the sign on top of the stain.

candle to add wax to wood

I’m not covering the whole surface, just areas where I don’t want the paint to adhere. Now we can cover with our first color and I’m using the fuchsia.

wood painted with fuchsia

Now, we can either allow the paint to dry on its own or add heat. Usually I caution against getting the heat tool too close so as not to bubble the paint, but for this project that actually works in our favor and will give an even more distressed look!

packing tape added and pressed onto wood surface

Once the paint is dry, go ahead and cover the surface with the packing tape. I like to use a tool and really press the tape down. When you peel the tape away some of the paint will come with it, giving you a nice chippy look. If you want more paint removed, lay the tape back down and press again.

peeling the packing tape away

Now we’ll repeat the process with more colors. Don’t forget to add the wax each time between colors.

light turquoise paint added
pumpkin paint added

I felt like my orange was still a little too much so I used a scraper to remove a little more paint. Also, when your tape accumulates quite a bit of paint you’ll need to swap it out for new.

violet added

Finally, I saved the gold paint for last and I LOVE the final effect!!

Final Touches

I love how this technique turned out y’all!! I’ll use my printer to print on some material and add “hello spring” to the bottom. I’m using tacks to adhere it to the sign.

hello spring printed on material and tacked onto wood

Finishing up, I added jute string for a hanger and a simple rag bow! I just can’t get over these vibrant colors! They make me so happy! I’d love to know if you’ve ever tried this easy chippy wood technique and what you think about it!!

finished easy chippy wood technique
finished easy chippy wood technique
finished easy chippy wood technique

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