Valentine Love Birds

Looking for something a little different for Valentine’s Day decor? I fell in love with the snowmen I made at Christmas, so I thought I’d make these little Valentine love birds out of the same styrofoam balls and see how they turned out. I think they are going to be perfect for Valentine’s Day!!

Here’s what I’ll be using…

  • 1 1.4 inch styrofoam ball
  • 1 2.8 inch styrofoam ball
  • Red Christmas gift trim (I bought mine in the Hobby Lobby Christmas clearance.)
  • Chunky glitter
  • Mod Podge
  • White Chalk Paint
  • Waverly Antiquing Wax
  • Toothpicks
  • Orange Moldable Clay
  • Metal Ribbon
  • Black Paint/Pink Paint
  • Valentine Scrapbook Paper/Black Card Stock
  • Wood Slices
  • Hot Glue
  • Valentine Napkin
Valentine love birds

First up, attach the two styrofoam balls with a toothpick.

Valentine love birds

Next I’ll paint both styrofoam balls with the white chalk paint.

Valentine love birds

All the details…

Once the paint is dry, I’ll add eyes and a beak. I’m using a toothpick and black paint to draw the eyes, and orange molding clay to form a beak. I’ll use a toothpick to draw a black line on the beak to create the look of two parts, a top and bottom beak. I’m also using some pink acrylic paint to add blush on the cheeks.

Valentine love birds

Now that the face is complete I’ll decoupage a napkin heart to the bird body. Cut out the heart, separate the plys, and attach with Mod Podge.

Valentine love birds

Next up I’ll add some of the red gift trim around the neck and on the back for tail feathers. For the tail feathers I’ll add hot glue to the toothpick and then wrap the red trim around it. I’ll use three and insert them in the “tail.”

Valentine love birds

The last thing to do is add legs and feet. I’m again using toothpicks to create these.

Valentine love birds

I’ll use toothpicks with the pointy end snipped off for the legs by simply inserting into the bottom of the largest styrofoam ball. I’ll use the antiquing wax to make them a little darker. Add a drop of hot glue to the end you are inserting to add stability. Try to insert the legs a little further back to help the bird stand better. I’ll be attaching mine to a wood slice base that will ensure they stay upright.

Next I’ll create the feet by using four same size sections of toothpick. I’ll use hot glue to hold them together and then use the antiquing wax on them as well.

Valentine love birds

Once the love birds are assembled I’ll add Mod Podge to them and glitter. I did choose to glue my birds to a wood slice for stability before glittering. This is my FAVORITE part y”all!!!

Valentine love birds

Complete with a crown..

One more thing to do before the Valentine love birds are complete!! I’ll be giving one bird a crown and one a top hat. I have some metal ribbon that will work perfectly for the crown for her, and scrapbook paper/card stock will make a great hat for him!!

Valentine love birds

I’ll use hot glue to attach the simple crown to the head, and then of course add glitter!!

I’m using scrapbook paper and card stock for his hat.

Valentine love birds

I hot glued his hat as well, but added some red trim since it did not fit flush on his head. Aren’t these little love birds adorable??

Valentine love birds
Valentine love birds

Here they are, all finished and together!! Let me know what you think friend!!


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