Dollar Tree Wall Decor: Easy Christmas Transformation

Who has had that moment where you are walking through Dollar Tree and you see that piece that you know will be an EASY and PERFECT makeover?? This post is all about an easy transformation, and more specifically an easy Christmas transformation!! Don’t hate me for saying this, but Christmas is right around the corner and I love this idea for decor and gifting!

Let me show you what you’ll need!!

easy Christmas transformation

First off, I’m starting with this little Dollar Tree wall decor piece that already has a beaded handle!! It’s the perfect surface y”all! First I’ll take it apart and paint that insert!!

You can see the tabs here on the back. It is super easy to pop out too! The wording on the front was just a piece of paper glued on, but rather than try to remove it, I’ll just paint the back.

Once I have a good coat of paint on the surface I’ll set it aside and work on the frame.

easy Christmas transformation

I want to paint the frame, but it’s plastic and paint does not always adhere well. I learned from a follower if you apply a layer of Mod Podge first, allow it dry, and then paint, the paint will usually adhere better.

Now that the Mod Podge is dry, I want to paint the frame red. I’m using Waverly chalk paint in Crimson.

easy Christmas transformation

Adding some Christmas…

After the paint is dry, I’ll add another coat of Mod Podge just as some extra protection. Now I can move on to the insert and add some Christmas!!

easy Christmas transformation

I found these adorable little napkins at Dollar General, 16 for one dollar!! How cute are they?!? One package would be plenty for a fun girl’s night of crafting!!

These are 2-ply so simply pull the plys apart and you’ll be using the top ply with the image.

I’ll be attaching this napkin using the iron on method (you can see process here) that uses Mod Podge and a mini iron. I brushed a coat of Mod Podge on the painted surface earlier and allowed to it to dry.

easy Christmas transformation

Now I’ll just pop the insert back in. I did decide that I wanted to soften the red just a bit, so I’ll dry brush some white chalk paint on the frame and the beaded handle.

easy Christmas transformation

The very last thing to do is add a fun raffia bow with a dab of hot glue to complete this easy Christmas transformation!! If you’re not a bow fan you can easily leave it off or even change it up and use different ribbon!!

easy Christmas transformation
easy Christmas transformation
easy Christmas transformation

I hope you enjoyed!! Let me know what you think!!



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