Easy Wood Bead Wired Christmas Tree

One not so secret detail about me is that I LOVE to frequent the aisles of stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Christmas decor is a little obsession of mine, so I’m always eager to see what’s new each year!! Recently I saw a wire tree with beads and was immediately set on creating my own. Today I’m sharing the step by step process of creating your very own wood bead wired Christmas tree!!

The Supply List….

  • heavy gauge wire (I’m using 16 gauge from Home Depot.)
  • 15 inch paper mache’ cone from Hobby Lobby
  • 60 20mm wood beads (I order mine from Amazon*.)
  • Metal star from Hobby Lobby Christmas section
  • Hot glue/E6000 glue

First up I’ll want to shape the wire into a cone form, or Christmas tree form. I’ll be wrapping the wire around the paper mache’ cone to do this.

cardboard tree
16 gage wire
wood bead wired Christmas tree
wood bead wired Christmas tree
wood bead wired Christmas tree

The ugly duckling…

The wire form will look something like this. It looks a little rough, but once the beads are added you wont be able to tell and all that will be seen is the pretty wood bead wired Christmas tree. Once the wire is formed into the cone shape we are ready to add beads.

wood bead and hot glue

First up I’ll add a bead to the wire on the bottom by filling it with hot glue and slipping it on the end.

First up I’ll add a bead to the wire by filling it with hot glue and slipping it on the end. This will catch the rest of the beads as they are added and slide down to the bottom.

Now I’ll just begin loading beads on the top end of the wire and slide them down.

Continue this process until all of the beads are on.

wood bead wired Christmas tree

I’m adding a metal star to the top, but you could add a bow, snowflake, or anything of your choosing.

wood bead wired Christmas tree

These stars came from Hobby Lobby and I had pried the two sections apart for a previous craft. I just used two of the pieces and glued them on either side of the wire with hot glue and E6000.

wood bead wired Christmas tree

I’m not gonna lie, I love working with these wood beads y’all!! They add so much character and texture!! This is another fun bead project for Christmas!

Once the top is added, the wire is easily manipulated into the shape you like best. I worked with mine until I had it where I liked it. I left this one natural, but plan on trying one with dry brushed white paint on the beads!! This little tree is definitely not traditional, but I like to mix things up in my decor!! What do you think??


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