Easy DIY Farmhouse Pedestal

Have you ever seen a piece of decor and you just fell in love with its charm and character immediately?? When I saw this unfinished sign at Walmart I loved its surface and the farmhouse look it had. I wanted to showcase it, not cover it up!! So I decided to use it in a piece that I can enjoy all the time, an easy DIY farmhouse pedestal!!

This is all you need…

  • 10 X 10 white unfinished sign ( I paid $5.72 for mine at Walmart.)
  • Chunky candle stick ( You can typically pick these up at thrift stores.)
  • White chalk paint
  • Hot glue/hot glue gun ( This is the one I use. )
  • Sanding block

Gathering your supplies will probably take longer than assembling this pedestal, that’s how stinkin’ easy this DIY is you guys!!

easy DIY farmhouse pedestal

Now that we have all of our supplies, the first thing to do is paint the candlestick to match the unfinished sign if needed. I’ll be sanding mine for a distressed look, but this step could easily be skipped. There is a plastic hanger that’s screwed onto the back of the sign that will need to be removed as well.

Once your candlestick is painted and sanded you are almost finished!! All that’s left to do is adhere your candlestick to the underside of the frame. There’s a jute string attached to the sign for hanging but I’ll just snip it off with scissors.

Finally, we can glue it all together!! I’m using hot glue, but you could also use something such as E6000 if desired.

Before glueing I like to make sure the candlestick is centered and trace around it with a pencil just to ensure I get the best placement.

And voila!!

So much character and charm in this little farmhouse pedestal!!

easy DIY farmhouse pedestal

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