Neutral Book Page Heart

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner friend!! You may be like me and love to decorate, but want to keep it subtle and neutral. If that’s the case I can’t wait for you to see this romantic and neutral book page heart that’s made from a Dollar Tree find, yep I said Dollar Tree!!

It all starts with this little heart trio from Dollar Tree. (Come shop with me!!)

The first step is to cut the hearts apart and then remove the garland from one.

Now we have a heart form to work with.

neutral book page heart

Next up we’ll need an old paperback book. These are great to pick up in thrift stores or at garage sales. These pages measure approximately 7″ X 4″ and we will be cutting them in half.

Page Folding Technique

Heat up that hot glue gun and let’s started!! Take one of the book page halves and fold it horizontally once, and then vertically once.

Once we’ve made our folds, we’ll start gathering the piece into the center from the bottom.

I used small drops of hot glue to hold my folds together and then added a good amount on the tip to attach to the heart form.

neutral book page heart

Now we will just work our way all the way around the heart form, tucking each new piece under the one before. Once all my pieces are in place I use scissors to trim a few pieces in order to preserve the heart shape. I also flip the heart over and add some hot glue on the back to make the pieces more secure.

The last thing to do to this neutral book page heart is attach a jute or ribbon through the plastic hoop for hanging, and a pretty bow!!

neutral book page heart

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