Dollar Tree Bathroom Decor Trio

Nothing makes me happier than finding a way to create cute decor without spending a TON of money, especially for the bathroom!! I found wall stickers on a recent trip to Dollar Tree (You can shop with me here!!) and I knew I HAD to use them somehow! That my friends is how this little Dollar Tree bathroom decor trio came about!!

This is what I’ll use…

  • three small signs from Dollar Tree (I used St. Patricks’s Day as seen above.)
  • one set of the wall stickers (Wash your hands, ect.)
  • Dollar Tree Mod Podge in the small bottle
  • Spray Paint

So the signs I’m going to use have green glitter and when I sand the front it is pretty messy, so I would recommend finding signs with NO glitter if at all possible. I’ll be using the inside (where the DT sticker is) but I just want to remove some of the glitter. I’ll up cut a square of scrapbook paper and attach a piece to the front of each sign.

I’m ready to move on to the back and inside of the sign, but first I’ll need to remove that pesky sticker. An easy way to do so is add a little heat first, and then it will peel off like a charm!

Once that sticker is gone, we’re ready to paint. You can use spray paint OR white chalk paint. I used a screwdriver to pop the hangers off.

See those little holes left from removing the hanger? I went ahead and filled them with some wood filler after painting, but did you know you can use white toothpaste as well??

Next up we’ll apply some Mod Podge to attach our wall sticker. I like to use the small bottles from Dollar Tree because they allow you to squirt a little out at a time.

Then simply add a top coat of Mod Podge.

Finally, we’ll just repeat this process two more times to finish all three!! So stinkin’ easy, don’t ya think??

Remember those holes I filled? I just painted over them with a little white chalk paint!!

Dollar Tree Sign Trio

What do you think?? I’m pretty darned excited about this little Dollar Tree bathroom decor trio!! Not bad at all for a $5 Dollar Tree trip!!

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