Valentine’s Day Pencil Tree

I have a slight obsession with trees. For example, I decorated and displayed five Christmas trees this year and I had more in the closet that I didn’t even use. Yikes!! Once they are decorated they just bring so much cheer to a room, don’t you agree?? So, for the reason I just stated, I decided I needed one for Valentine’s Day this year and I’m so glad!! Are you ready to see how I created my Valentine’s Day pencil tree?? Here we go!!

I started with this pencil tree that I had used at Christmas in my kitchen. The first thing I added was this ribbon that I picked up at Walmart. I cut sections about the length of the tree. Starting from the top, I worked my way down tucking it into the tree every so often.

Next up, I added these little hearts from Hobby Lobby.

You can’t have too many hearts on a Valentine tree, right?? Of course not, so I’m adding these little yarn wrapped hearts too!! You can see the live video here to learn how to make your own!!

Valentines day pencil tree

Now, you can’t decorate a tree without a garland can you?? I made this simple little pom pom garland using Hobby Lobby poms, needle, and thread.

Now you know I can’t forget the X’s and O’s so I’m adding these metal letter from Hobby Lobby. I used a simple paper clip to hang them in place.

Valentines day pencil tree

I’m also adding these cute little cookie cutters I found at Walmart!! You just never know where you’ll find decor inspiration!!

Now, the top needs a little attention, so I’ll add the XOXO from Dollar Tree that I’ve painted red and some heart picks from Hobby Lobby!

Almost finished!!

These little wood signs will add just the right finishing touch to this Valentine’s Day pencil tree!! You can watch how I made two of the signs on this facebook live.

I just love the pop of color and cheer this little tree brings to my kitchen!! I hope you enjoyed how it all came together friends!!

See ya next time!!


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