Grain Sack Patriotic Stars

Hey friends!! Spring is finally here and it’s crazy to think, but Independence Day will be here before we know it!! I want to make something simple to start my decor but want to use what I have on hand. Luckily, I have saved some old grain sacks that I had purchased at a farm store and that’s where the idea of these grain sack patriotic stars was born!!

Grain sack patriotic stars

I want patriotic colors so I decide to try red, white, and blue spray paint!! It worked great on tissue paper, so why not try it on burlap, right?!?

grain sack patriotic stars

I’ll use my Cricut to cut a star from poster board, use that for the stencil, tracing around it with a Sharpie. Since I’m leaving the sack intact, I’ll have a two layers, which will give me a front and back on my stars.

grain sack patriotic stars

Now I’m ready to cut out my stars. Align both pieces of the star and begin hot gluing the points. If you plan to fray the star you’ll want to leave space and not glue too close to the edge.

I like to glue four of the points and then stuff the star before gluing the final point. If any of the edges are pulled apart during the stuffing process don’t worry. You can easily go back and glue any areas that have come apart.

When I begin to stuff my stars I like to use plastic grocery bags. They are perfect and most of us have these on hand!! Also, using a pen or pencil makes it much easier to push the plastic bags into the points of the stars.


Once the stars are stuffed completely, you will finish gluing the last side. If you choose to fray the edges you will do that now. This little project is so fun and not bad for being made out of $2 sacks!! Once your stars are finished you can string them on wire to display or use them in a pretty vignette!

grain sack patriotic stars

See ya next time friends!!


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