Spray Painted Tissue Paper Flowers

I’ve told you before how much I LOVE spray paint and that it’s pretty much a staple in my decor bag of tricks.

But today I’m taking it to a new level…..

I spray painted tissue paper flowers and I’m in love with the result!!

This little project started because I wanted to add some flowers around a very large sign on my bedroom wall. I could easily order some flowers, but want to see what I can do with tissue paper that I already have. Once my flowers are made I want some different colors, and of course I always have a good supply of spray paint on hand so I decide to give it a try.

spray painted tissue paper flowers

I use my Rustoleum flat white that I always keep on hand, but the real star of the show is definitely the Rustoleum Chalked ultra matte spray paint in charcoal. You guys, it’s just dreamy when sprayed on the tissue paper flowers!!

Let’s go over the easy steps

Step 1: The first thing I’ll need to do is make my tissue paper flowers. I used two different methods that you can see here and here. I prefer the look of the first method because it resembles a carnation.

Step 2: Now I’ll simply add spray paint of my color choice. I did spray the white flowers with white spray paint because doing so gives them a nice texture and makes the flower look more realistic in my opinion. I’ll add that you need to give the flowers plenty of time to dry, overnight is best.

Some of the smaller flowers are made from coffee filters that have been painted a soft pink. I want just a touch of pink in the flowers, so I spray paint them with white which allows just a little color to come through.

spray painted tissue paper flowers

Once I have made a variety of sizes of flowers, I’m ready to attach them to the wall around my sign. I start with the largest and work down to the smallest, using them to fill in gaps.

I also use my Cricut to cut leaves from posterboard and add those to the wall.

spray painted tissue paper flowers

What do you think friends?? I love it and may add more flowers over time. This project has given me even more love for spray paint!! It’s just so stinkin’ versatile!! I’m so glad you stopped by!! Keep checking in for more great ideas!!

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