Paint Stick Frame with Embroidery Hoop Wreath

This little project has so many things going for it!! First off, it reminds me of shiplap, and well, that’s always good!! Secondly, I LOVE the pop of a green wreath against a black background. This simple paint stick frame with an embroidery hoop wreath is just perfect, and even better, made without breaking the bank!!

Gathering all the supplies…

Here’s what you’ll need to create the frame and wreath:

Putting it all together…

Step One: First off you’ll use a Miter saw to cut the paint stick approximately 8 inches long, removing the end with the narrow handle. You will get 6 pieces along with the handles you cut off. I’ll be using 5 pieces for the frame itself, and will use the extra piece and the handles to glue on the back of the frame.

paint stick frame with embroidery hoop

Step Two: Now you are ready to lay five pieces out, face down and butted up to each other. Once you are satisfied that they are the same length, use wood glue to attach the scrap pieces on the back. I typically sit a heavy object on top and allow the glue to dry several hours.

Step Three: Once the glue is dry you are ready to paint the frame. I’ll be using Apple Barrel black paint. After you apply the paint, set the frame aside to dry while you work on the wreath. I’ll distress the black paint slightly with a sanding block and add a small brad nail before adding the wreath.

paint stick frame with embroidery hoop wreath

Adding the final touches…

Step Four: Apply a coat of white paint to the embroidery hoop. I’ll be using Waverly Chalk paint but any white paint will be fine. Allow the paint to dry and the add small sections of greenery around the entire hoop, attaching with hot glue. As a final touch you can add a word to the front of the wreath. I’ll be adding the word “hello” that came from a letter board set. It’s lightweight plastic and can be attached easily with a small dab of hot glue. The last thing to add is a little ribbon bow. I think it adds a nice touch!!

Do you think it looks like shiplap?? I love the look of the distressed edges!

paint stick frame with embroidery hoop wreath

I have to say, the little bow adds so much more than I expected to this paint stick frame with embroidery hoop wreath!! It’s prettier than I imagined!!

That’s all for today friends!! See ya next time, and don’t forget to follow along on all social media!!

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