How To Dye Coffee Filters With Acrylic Paint

Have you seen all the BEAUTIFUL coffee filter flowers on Pinterest?? They are just gorgeous friends!! What I like most is that they are made from an inexpensive item we more than likely all have in our home. Even better, just as the title suggests, they can be dyed with the acrylic paint you have in your craft drawer!! Let’s get started and see how to dye coffee filters with acrylic paint!!

For this process I’ll be using 20 coffee filters, two colors of acrylic paint , water, a glass pie plate, paper towels, and wax paper.

how to dye coffee filters with acrylic paint

All the details…..

This process is very easy and can be completed quickly. The first thing to do is mix your desired color of paint with water in your pie plate. I’ll simply squirt some paint into the dish and add enough water to submerge the filters. Be sure to stir your paint and mix it well with the water before adding the filters.

Once you have submerged your filters, remove them and fold them in order to squeeze out the excess liquid.

how to dye coffee filters with acrylic paint

Finally, you will lay each filter out to dry. I’ll lay down a piece of wax paper and then layer two paper towels on top of that. Pull the filters apart and lay 5 on top of the paper towels. Cover the filters with an additional layer of paper towels and press down to absorb more liquid. Repeat this process for all of the coffee filters.

how to dye coffee filters with acrylic paint


how to dye coffee filters with acrylic paint

That’s all there is to the whole process of how to dye coffee filters with acrylic paint! When you’re finished you have beautifully colored filters ready to use for whatever projects you choose.

I hope you found yourself inspired friends!! See you next time!!

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