My top 5 favorite DIY items from Hobby Lobby

If you’ve been following along with me very long you know I love a good deal! I ALWAYS shop what’s on sale to get the most bang for my buck and to make my decor budget friendly. Today I want to share my top 5 favorite DIY items from Hobby Lobby because they always have sales and let’s not forget that coupon!!

It’s probably no surprise that first on my list is CLEARANCE!! You guys, this is usually my first stop in the store. There are often deals to be had, and if you have DIY ideas, it’s the perfect place to start and see if you can re-purpose any of the seasonal clearance for what you need at the moment.

my top 5 favorite DIY items from Hobby Lobby

Next up are the 3-D wood word cutouts. I use these in ALL sizes for my DIYs because they are so versatile and inexpensive. They can be painted, stained, decoupaged, the possibilities are endless!!

my top 5 favorite DIY items from Hobby Lobby

From small to large, wood word cutouts are perfect for so many projects!!

Moving on down the list…

Now, let’s talk about these burlap pennant banners. You can easily paint them, stencil, or even add scrapbook paper/material to them for any season or occasion. This size is priced at $5.99, but is often on sale for 50% off, making it about $3.00! That makes for a very inexpensive way to add some fun decor to your mantle or any room in your home.

Fourth on my list is something I use regularly and keeping a large variety on hand is a must. Of course I’m talking about scrapbook paper! Gone are the days where only the serious scrapbooker scavenged the paper aisle. These days we know that pretty paper can be used in a variety of ways for home decor DIYs! Even better, it’s often on sale 4/$1.00 and that’s the perfect time to stock up!!

my top 5 favorite DIY items from Hobby Lobby

That brings us to the last item, letters of all varieties, including metal and wood. I’m a bit obsessed with words and using them in my decor. I LOVE words painted on signs, stamped on book spines, and cut from vinyl! But my favorite way of creating words of late has to be combining letters of different sizes and textures!! It adds so much character to a space!

my top 5 favorite DIY items from Hobby Lobby

These are my top 5 DIY items from Hobby Lobby friends, but definitely there’s so much more to LOVE when looking for great deals!! As always, thanks so much for following along and be sure to follow Word and Home on all social media!! See you next time!!


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