Easy DIY Sisal Rope Vase

Hey all!! The sun is shining and this is the first day of spring!! I wanted to bring some color into the house with flowers, but I wanted a vase with some character! I’m loving all the rope DIYs that have so much texture, so I decided to try my hand at an easy DIY sisal rope vase.

I want to use a re-cycled glass container, so this glass jars that once held a candle will be perfect!!

Here are the supplies needed:

DIY sisal rope vase

I LOVE that this DIY has a short list of supplies and the process is simple but, so noticeable!! The first step is to simply glue the end of your rope to the bottom edge of your container.

Now you will simply begin wrapping the rope, gluing as you go. Be careful to not over-use the hot glue, you don’t want it seeping up through the layers. I have found that finger protectors are perfect for little projects like this one in order to keep your fingers from being repeatedly burned. I found mine at the Dollar Tree!!

You can see here that at the end of the first wrap, the rope will be brought a little higher to start the second layer. I’ll turn my vase and put this spot in the back, even though once finished it won’t be that noticeable. As you wrap, make sure to push your layers tightly together so there are no gaps.

DIY sisal rope vase

This little DIY sisal rope vase is coming along nicely!!

I’ll be leaving a little glass “lip” at the top since it will be used as a vase and won’t be visible when it’s holding flowers. An extra layer could be easily added if you don’t want the glass to be visible.

DIY sisal rope vase

That’s it friends!! You can’t get much easier, and I just LOVE the result!! I have plenty of rope left over, so if you need me I’ll scouring the house for something else to wrap!! I’m so glad you stopped by!! As always, don’t forget to follow along on all social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!!

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