Rummage Sale Tray Up-Cycle

Who doesn’t LOVE a good rummage sale?? Well, if we’re being honest, I love rummage sales, garage sales, yard sales, thrift stores….you get the point!! While sometimes these kinds of sales can be hit or miss, I definitely had a HIT this weekend!! This little rummage sale silver tray priced at fifty cents is going to be a fun and easy up-cycle!!

rummage sale tray up-cycle

With just a few supplies this little tray will be given new life!! All you will need is spray primer, spray paint in a color of your choosing, and one piece of scrapbook paper.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Wipe the tray clean and give it a coat of spray primer, top and bottom. I’ll use two coats on this tray, allowing dry time between coats.

Step 2: Once the primer is completely dry, add a coat of spray paint. I’ll be using Rust-oleum Chalked in linen white.

Look at the intricate details on the sides of this tray!! I just love them, and the white paint accentuates them beautifully!!

rummage sale tray up-cycle

Step 3: When the paint is completely dry (waiting overnight is best) you are ready to add your scrapbook paper to the bottom of the tray.

Tracing around the bottom of the tray onto the paper and then using scissors to cut the shape will make this step easy!

rummage sale tray up-cycle
rummage sale tray up-cycle

Step 4: Finally you are ready to add your paper into the bottom of the tray. You may choose to use glue to adhere if you’d like. For now I’m just going to place the paper into the bottom and leave it since it fits well. Also, since it’s not glued in, I can easily replace the paper with a different pattern later.

I’ll use a sanding block to distress the tray in a few spots. This step is optional and not necessary if you prefer a more polished look.

rummage sale tray up-cycle

This little rummage sale tray up-cycle is the first of many I hope to do this spring/summer!! I’m so excited for yard sale season friends, and I hope you’ve been inspired to grab your own treasures and make them your own!!

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