Glittered Halloween Figurine

It’s finally October and it’s time to put out the Halloween decor!! I absolutely LOVE the little glittered Halloween figurines that you can buy at the cute little boutiques, but I don’t always want to pay the price!! They are so cute, but can be a bit pricey. Well, I have a solution and it starts with this cute little figurine from Hobby Lobby.

glittered halloween figurine

The original price is $4.99, but I got an additional 40% off so it was closer to $3.00!!! Score!! Now that I have my figurine, I only need to add some glitter and she’ll transform into a cute little glittered Halloween figurine!!

Here’s how I did it!!

I have some glitter that I use for all my glittered projects and some Mod Podge on hand, so the next step is quick and easy!

glittered halloween figurine
glittered halloween figurine

I don’t like to glitter the whole figurine, so I pick a few areas to add the glitter. In this case, I glitter her hat, cape strings, bottom of her dress, and shoes. I think it adds the perfect touch!! Simply brush Mod Podge to the area that needs to be glittered and then add the glitter on top of that. A quick tip is to always use a piece of paper underneath so that you can put excess glitter back in the container. This project is so easy, but gives inexpensive little figurines a more expensive look for little money.

glittered halloween figurine

That’s all folks!! It’s that simple to give a little figurine some sass and shimmer!! I’m so glad you stopped in to check out this little DIY. Make sure you are following Word and Home on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram and we’ll see you next time!!

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