DIY Dollar Spot Pumpkin Mummy

You guys, this is the cutest little Halloween craft and the best part is that it is easy and will cost next to nothing to make!! I found this cute little pumpkin in the Target Dollar Spot, but I’m not sure how to use it. But….after pairing it with a few crafting supplies I have on hand, I decide it needs to be “mummified,” creating a little DIY dollar spot pumpkin mummy!!”

DIY Dollar Spot Pumpkin Mummy
Dollar Spot Pumpkin

This is easily one of the easiest crafts I have made and it takes less than 15 minutes to complete once I have all of my supplies gathered.

Dollar Spot Pumpkin Mummy

Dollar Spot Pumpkin Mummy Supplies:

  • Wood pumpkin from Target Dollar Spot
  • White cheesecloth (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby on clearance)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Googly eyes (mine came from Dollar Tree)
  • Orange Spray Paint to spray pumpkin (optional)

That’s it, all you need!! The first thing I do is spray my pumpkin orange and let it dry. Next, I cut a small section of my cheese cloth (enough to wrap around the pumpkin) into strips.

Dollar Spot Pumpkin Mummy
DIY Dollar Spot Pumpkin Mummy

Now you can begin to wrap your pumpkin with the strips, using as many layers as you’d like until you’re satisfied with how it looks. I leave the stem of the pumpkin bare and I liked how it turns out. Use your hot glue to attach the strips to the back of your pumpkin. Once this step is complete you can add you googly eyes and you have your DIY dollar spot pumpkin mummy!! It’s that easy but turns out so cute!!

DIY dollar spot pumpkin mummy

The cutest little pumpkin mummy I ever did see!! I spent $1.40 on this project since I already had the spray paint, googly eyes, and hot glue. Most of the supplies you need can be purchased at the Dollar Tree so this easy, little project can be made very cheaply!

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