Interchangeable Tobacco Basket Sign

Fall is on the way friends, it officially starts next week!! I’m slowly adding some fall touches here and there, along with ideas for a little Halloween decor. I don’t have much decor for Halloween and don’t really want to spend a lot of money, so this little DIY interchangeable tobacco basket sign is PERFECT because it inspiration comes from the Dollar Spot in Target!!

Here’s The Supply List!

  • Small tobacco basket from Target – $3.00
  • Trick Or Treat adhesive wood shapes from Target – $3.00
  • Spray paint ( I use this)
  • 6 X 6 square of underlayment or wood piece
  • Velcro squares
interchangeable tobacco basket
Supplies for the interchangeable tobacco sign

That’s all you will need for this super cute little DIY!! Let’s get started! The first thing you will need to do is spray one side of your underlayment or wood piece white using your spray paint and let dry. Next, you’ll place a Velcro square (fuzzy side) on the back of your wood piece, one in each corner. You’ll need to place the other pieces of velcro (bumpy side) on your basket, making sure to line them up with exactly where you’ll be placing your wood piece.

interchangeable tobacco basket sign
Attach your Velcro to the basket and to the back of the sign where they will meet

Finally, after your Velcro is attached, you will turn your sign over and attach your letters that say “Trick Or Treat.” Once that’s done, you will be ready to attach your piece of wood to your basket using your Velcro. Easy enough, but I think it will still need a little color so I’ll add a messy bow using some material I have on hand.

Ribbon used for the interchangeable tobacco sign messy bow

Once I have my bow complete, I’ll use some jute to tie it to the side of the tobacco basket. My little tobacco basket sign is now complete!!

The Finished Product!!

Interchangeable tobacco basket sign

There it is, all finished!! One of my favorite things about this DIY is that it’s interchangeable, so I can keep the basket but just change out my sign or the lettering for different seasons and holidays!!

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