Clearance baskets for $3.00!!

It’s porch and patio sittin’ season guys!! So, when a friend sends you this pic you have to use these clearance baskets for SOMETHING!! AT only $3.00 each they are cheap enough, but I definitely want to darken them and make them look “vintage.”


I wanted to darken them quickly, so I started by brushing on some coffee(some people use tea) and then used white vinegar that I wiped on with a piece of steel wool. It definitely darkens as it sits, so if you don’t want it too dark start with light coats.

Brush on a layer of the coffee or tea using a brush.
Use a steel wool pad to dip in your white vinegar and wipe on the basket, over the tea layer you’ve already applied.

Once the tea and the vinegar have been applied, let your basket sit for a bit. I left mine outside in the sun and it darkened over time. I wanted a few more darker accents on my basket, so I simply used some dark stain I had on hand and applied it to the middle and top ring on the basket.

You can easily apply some dark stain in order to darken some areas.

This is a very easy process and can make a dramatic difference in a short amount of time.

Before and after

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