Decopauged Napkin Flower Pots

It’s hard to believe these plain terra cotta pots can go from boring to beautiful with a simple napkin, but they can and I’ll show you how!!

Plain but soon to be beauties!!


This project is easy to complete with only a few items. You’ll need a terra cotta pot, modge podge(make your own with glue if needed), a pretty napkin, a small paint brush, and craft paint if you choose to paint your pot. Once all your items are gathered you are ready!


The first step is to separate your napkin. The napkin I’m using is two-ply so I need to pull the two pieces apart, as you can see below in the photo.

When your napkin is separated and you have one piece you are ready to cut out your flower or shape.

Use scissors to cut as many shapes as you’d like to apply to your pot.


Once you cut all your flowers you are ready to apply them to your terra cotta pot. Use your brush to apply the mod podge. Now you can lay your flower on the pot and smooth with your fingers. Smooth down the corners carefully to avoid tearing. When all of your flowers are applied let them dry for a few hours and then apply another coat of mod podge.

Apply the mod podge
Apply your flower and smooth down edges

The final step is to finish applying your flowers and finally, your last coat of mod podge. It’s hard to believe a simple, but pretty napkin can make such a difference, but it really does!

From blah to beautiful!!

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