Farmhouse Stamped Book Spines

Who loves farmhouse style? I know I do and recently found a new way to use old books (that I love by the way) IN my farmhouse decor! They are called stamped book spines and clearly we need to make one!! Let’s look at what we need to do first.

My bag full of used “vintage” like books

Finding Books On The Cheap!

First off, I need some “new to me” books for cheap! The best place to find cheap books is hands down a garage sale, but I need books NOW, and it’s Wednesday 🙁 so I opted for plan B, the thrift store. Each book is about $1.50, but if you plan ahead you can easily find books cheaper. Now that we know where to find our books let’s move on, shall we?

Let’s Crack Those Books!

The next step is to remove the cover, which is easily done with a little grunting and brute force. Argh!!! It should be noted I cut a slit on either side of the spine with my craft knife in order to get started pulling the book loose. That’s the last and only hard part, let’s move on!

Be sure to use a craft blade to help remove the cover.

After you get the book free from the cover you are left with the book and its exposed spine, finally!. Don’t worry about the glue and rough texture, that just adds more character!!

Love the texture the glue leaves behind on the spine!

Easy Peasy!!

There! The hardest part is over, really!! And last but not least, stacking your books and deciding if you want to put words on the spine (or not!). There are endless possibilities! Stamp your words, paint your words, or in my case, use vinyl lettering for your words. With plenty of vinyl on hand I used my Cricut to cut the letters and then applied them to the book spines. I kinda like this idea because the vinyl can be easily removed and changed up. The final step is to tie the books together with jute and that’s it, seriously!! SO much character for minimal effort, money, and time! My favorite kind of project!

The finished project! I love it!

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