DIY Farmhouse Blocks

Odds are, if you garage sale or shop thrift stores much you’ve seen these colorful little letter blocks that most of us probably enjoyed as kiddos. I have a LOVE, LOVE relationship with typography and anytime I get a chance to use words in my home I’m going for it!! So, it just seemed natural that I NEEDED these blocks when I found them at a garage sale for a buck. Seriously, it was a dollar, so there was no turning back. In all honesty, I had no idea HOW I was going to use them, I just knew I would…….someday. 😉

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My garage sale letter blocks in all their original glory.

So, on to the re-purposing!! I chose my base color (RUST-OLEUM satin granite spray paint) and gave my letter blocks (HELLO) a good coat. It took about three light coats to get them covered well.

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Three coats of spray later here they are!

You’ll notice in my above picture that my blocks still look a little “distressed” even after the spray paint. They definitely have seen a lot of love over the years, but that’s okay with me since I love the worn, farmhouse look. Let’s move on to the next step!

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Getting final touch ups!!

To paint the individual letters I decided to use Ceramcoat light ivory that I had on hand. I’ve used cream and gray together in my home often, so I thought the two would look good together on this project and give some cohesiveness with the rest of my decor. I just used a small paintbrush to paint on the ivory color. I had a few mishaps so there may or may not be a few spots of ivory on the gray. Like I said before, I’m kinda into the distressed look so no biggie, and it’s really not that noticeable. I think these blocks would look good distressed on the corners and in a few random spots, I just skipped that step on this project to save time. After the paint was dry I added a coat of satin clear enamel. This step isn’t necessary if you are using the blocks inside, just a preference of mine. If you wanted to use a top coat but have less shine, you can use a matte spray as well. Let’s see the finished project!!

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All finished!! I really love using things of the past to decorate and I love how these little blocks turned out! It’s a small addition but added just the right touch. Hope you enjoyed and can’t wait to see what you create so be sure and share it with me!! Be sure to find follow me on social media too!


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