Garage Sale Succulent Terrarium

On one of my many recent garage sale trips I stumbled upon these beauties! I just knew I had the perfect place for them (at least one anyway!). I paid $11 total for both!!

So, I wanted to add some succulents to my back patio and the largest of the two was perfect for the job. All I needed was something to hold my plants and that would sit nicely in the bottom of the terrarium. A wood box lined with plastic would work wonderfully.

I begin by lining the box with plastic and use a combination of Cactus, Palm, Citrus potting mix and potting soil before adding the succulents.

After all the plants are added, I include some rocks and trim the plastic off around the edges. Then I just placed the box down into the terrarium and it was complete!

The finished product!! Not too bad for a project that started off with a $6 garage sale terrarium!! Thanks so much for visiting! I’m off to sit on the patio awhile!

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