Simple Spring Decorating with Tulips

Spring is here and it puts me in a decorating mood! I LOVE to bring the colors of spring into my home by using flowers, and lots of them!! I enjoy using real flowers, but that’s not always cost effective. There are so many quality faux flowers on the market now that it’s become a great way to use the same beautiful floral stems year after year in your decor. Today I want to show you a trick to simple spring decorating with beautiful purple tulips!

Pop Shelf purple tulips

First of all, the inspiration started here, with these gorgeous purple tulips that caught my eye in Pop Shelf!! If you’ve not heard of this store be sure to google and see if you have one in your area. It’s owned by Dollar General and I’ve been so impressed with their home goods, especially the flowers. These tulips are very similar to real touch in my opinion, and are priced $3.00 per bunch. I bought four bunches of these beautiful tulips for $12.00!!

I think I may have squealed when I found these tulips! There’s just something so satisfying about finding a quality product for a great price! Once I have my flowers it’s time to focus on the display and to my surprise I found just what I was looking for a couple aisles over!

Now, let’s focus on this gorgeous hobnail planter that I found!! Pop Shelf has it in store in two sizes. I bought this smaller size for $8.00, but there is a larger $12.00 planter too. Just a few days before I stopped in at Pop Shelf I picked up a similar planter for $14.00, so this is a great deal!! I just wish I had found this deal first!

Pop Shelf hobnail planter

Styling the Tulips

Now that I’m ready to style the tulips I’ll gather my supplies of tulips, container, and Spanish moss. I don’t want to cut the ends of my tulips so I’m just bending the stems and tucking them into my container.

Pop Shelf purple tulips with stems bent

As you can see in the picture, I didn’t even take the tulips apart. I’ll leave them secured together and once all the bunches are in the container they can easily be fluffed and pulled apart for a fuller look.

Pop Shelf purple tulips with stems bent
Pop Shelf purple tulips with stems bent, inserted into container with moss added

Once I have the tulips styled as I want them, I’ll go back and add a little Spanish moss. The whole arrangement really came together quickly and easily! Simple spring decorating with Tulips doesn’t have to be expensive either. I spent about $22.00 for this whole arrangement and I can use it year after year!

Finally I’m ready to display, and I’m so ready for pretty pops of color in my home! How about you? Let me know if you enjoy using florals in your home as much as I do!

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