Merry & Bright Dollar Tree Christmas DIY

If you’re looking for a quick and easy Christmas DIY these wood word cut-outs from Dollar Tree are always a good idea! I picked up a couple of the “Merry & Bright” pieces and I’ve been waiting to use them for the perfect project! This Merry & Bright Dollar Tree Christmas DIY could be used as a table centerpiece or just on a shelf! Come get all the details!

Adding ALL the color…

First up, this piece is going to be bright and cheery, so I’m using bright paint colors, including Apple Barrel Apple Red, Apple Barrel Bubble Gum, Anita’s Shamrock green, and Anita’s Light Turquoise.

Merry & Bright word cut-out painted red

I decided to paint “Merry” with the Apple Red and then vary the colors on “Bright”.

Merry & Bright word cut-out painted red and other bright colors

Next, I want to add this piece to a base so it will stand easily so I’m using a board I have in my stash. Dollar Tree often carries slim sections of wood that would be perfect too!

wood board stained with Waverly Antiquing Wax

All about that base…

I’ll add Waverly Antiquing Wax to the board and the back of the “Merry & Bright” sign.

Back of Merry & Bright wood cut-out stained with Waverly Antiquing Wax

Now I need to attach the wording to my base and the easiest and quickest way to do that is with glue. I’m going to use a little E-6000 and hot glue. I will be adding greenery to the base so I know the glue will be hidden.

wood board with glue

Add the “Merry & Bright” and then glue sprigs of greenery onto the base. I’ll touch up those paint spots a little later.

wood board with Merry & Bright glued on and greenery added

Finally, I’ll add a few of my favorite embellishments. These light and peppermint came from Hobby Lobby.

large peppermint glued on
light tied on to Merry & Bright cut-out

This Merry & Bright Dollar Tree Christmas DIY is so whimsical and fun! I really like the bright colors and I decided to add a few white accent marks at the end. Of course you can paint this any color scheme you like to make it your own!

Merry & Bright Dollar Tree Christmas DIY

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