Plastic Ornament Snowman – Dollar Tree DIY

Snowmen are perfect for your Christmas decorating AND your winter decor so they are some of my favorite pieces to DIY this time of year!! When I saw these different sized plastic ornaments at Dollar Tree I knew I could use them together to create a snowman. To top it off I found one more Christmas ornament that would finish this plastic ornament snowman perfectly!

Dollar Tree plastic ornaments

The largest Dollar Tree ornament measure 4.72 inches and the smaller Dollar Tree ornament is a normal sized ornament. We’ll use a few more supplies that I’ll list below.

Snowman Project Supplies…

  • Oversized Dollar Tree Plastic Ornament
  • Regular Sized Dollar Tree Plastic Ornament
  • Small Dollar Tree Wood Crate
  • Dollar Tree Ski Ornament
  • White Spray Paint
  • Black, Pink, red, and Orange Acrylic Paint
  • Hot Glue/E-6000
  • Mod Podge or White Glue
  • Glitter
  • Spray Glue
  • Material
  • Wood Snowflakes
  • Dollar Tree Stickers for Buttons
  • Small Piece of Greenery/Berries
  • Stamps
  • Dollar Tree Stylus or Paint Brush
  • Black Permanent Marker
Dollar Tree plastic ornaments glued together

First of all we need to remove the ornament tops and then glue them together using E-6000. After gluing this will need to set for about an hour. When the glue has set it’s time to use white spray paint to coat both ornaments.

Dollar Tree plastic ornaments glue together and painted white

Adding Snowman Details…

snowman face painted onto large plastic ornament

Next let’s add a face using the acrylic paint and a black permanent marker. I typically use a Dollar Tree stylus for this part but a paint brush could be used as well.

snowman face painted onto large plastic ornament

While the paint on the face is drying let’s prepare the hat using some material. I’ll be using a section of material measuring 12 inches by 10 inches. My material came from Hobby Lobby but Dollar Tree carries material fat quarters in their plus section now!

Now I’ll attach the material to the top of the snowman with a bead of hot glue.

Wrap the material around and secure in the back with hot glue. The material will have to be trimmed down for this part. The end will be gathered, pulled around, and tied with black string or jute.

Apple Barrel Bright Red acrylic paint

I’m adding buttons using Dollar Tree stickers painted red and attached with hot glue.

Dollar Tree stickers painted red and glued to front of snowman

Next I’ll add arms using sticks from the yard. The ornament is plastic, so I can easily push a hole into the sides with a craft blade.

Push the end of the stick into the hole and secure with hot glue. I got a little ahead of myself and glittered beforehand, but I’d definitely wait until after the arms are attached to glitter.

Mod Podge next to snowman

Finishing Touches…

Finally, use Mod Podge or white glue and glitter to cover the snowman completely. I like to add spray glue on top to help keep the glitter intact.

plastic ornament snowman painted and glittered

This little guy is starting to come together now! I just need to add the ski ornament and a scarf!

Dollar Tree snow ski ornament

This little ornament is so cute as is, but I decided to remove the bow and add a black check bow in its place.

Dollar Tree snow ski ornament

I’ll set this aside along with the snowman that is still drying and work on the base to finish up this plastic ornament snowman.

The Snowman Base…

Now we can focus on the Dollar Tree wood crate that will act as our base. It can be painted with white acrylic paint or spray paint and then I’ll stamp it. Wood snowflakes will finish it off perfectly!

Dollar Tree crate painted white and stamped

Hot glue the snowman to the top of the crate(it’s been flipped upside down.) using hot glue and E-6000.

plastic ornament snowman painted and glittered

Finishing up, I’ll attach the ski ornament to the wood stick arm using glue, attach two snowflakes to the base, and add a scarf from the same material used for the hat. This little snowman has turned out so, so CUTE!!

Dollar Tree crate painted white and stamped with snowflakes glued on
plastic ornament snowman painted and glittered
plastic ornament snowman

I decided to add a little sprig of greenery to his hat to add a little more color. I think he is just so fun! Let me know if you give him a try!

plastic ornament snowman

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