Easy Faux Pumpkin Make-Over

Can I just tell you how excited I was to find TWO large pumpkins at Ross for a great deal?!? I snatched them both up as quickly as I could because I knew they would be great for my front porch!! I thought maybe I would paint them, but then decided on a better solution for this easy faux pumpkin make-over!!

These beauties were originally from Michaels, BUT I was fortunate enough to snag them for $7.99 each!! See why I was so excited?!?

Bottom of orange pumpkin with Ross $7.99 price tag

I think these guys were originally meant for carving, but I’m not cutting them up!! I want to darken the color and age them a bit. I’m giving my Waverly antiquing wax a try for this part.

Large orange pumpkin with Waverly antiquing wax

I’m using a damp paper towel to wipe the wax on, making sure to get a lot in the lines all around the pumpkin. I added one coat, wiping ff the excess, and then waited for it to dry down. Next I added a second coat, darkening some areas, especially those lines.

Large orange pumpkin with dark Waverly wax wiped on

Once it’s all dry I’m ready to display!! It’s that simple, seriously!! The wax darkened these beauties right up and made a big difference!! Let me know if you’ve tried this technique!! If you enjoyed this technique be sure to check out this terra cotta method!!


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