Piping Bag Carrots – No Sewing Required

This carrot DIY is so easy you can make a whole patch!! Grab some piping bags and those empty plastic grocery bags you have laying around and let’s get started on some no-sew piping bag carrots!!

Supply List:
  • Plastic Piping Bags
  • Empty Plastic Grocery Bags
  • Material
  • Hot Glue/Hot Glue Gun (This is the one I use.)
  • Raffia
  • Tape
  • Rubber Band

The first thing to do is open the top of the piping bag and starting adding the empty plastic bags. I don’t know about you, but I recycle these and have TONS that work perfectly for projects just like this. Here’s another great way to re-cycle those plastic bags into your decor!!

Piping bags aren’t just for icing anymore!!
no-sew piping bag carrots

How many bags you add is determined by the size of carrot you’re wanting. If you’re wanting a larger carrot like this one, you’ll need 4-5 plastic bags. Be sure to pack them in tight and use a pencil or paint brush end to push the first plastic bag into the tip of the piping bag.

no-sew piping bag carrots

Now that all the plastic bags are in, you’ll secure the top with a rubber band.

no-sew piping bag carrots

Now it’s time to begin wrapping the material. Bump the tip of the carrot right to edge of a piece of material and add a drop of hot glue to secure.

I like to add a piece of tape to secure the edge of the material to the plastic piping bag so it stays put while rolling.

no-sew piping bag carrots

Begin rolling and add a bead of hot glue every so often.

As you come to the end of the material cut it at an angle and glue the edge well.

Next up we’ll need to trim the excess material from the top. Be sure to leave enough that you can gather and glue to the top of the piping bag.

Cut off most of the excess piping bag top.

Fold raffia pieces in half and insert under the rubber band to create a stem. I did this on both sides for a fuller look.

Add hot glue to top of the bag and begin pressing the material down.

The last thing to do is scrunch up your raffia with your hands.

no-sew piping bag carrots

That’s it friends!! Now you have the cutest little bunch of no-sew piping bag carrots!!

What do you think?? I’m so excited to use these little guys for spring!!


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