Dollar Tree Tumbling Block Zip Code Sign

I’m always looking for ways to change up my home decor but I don’t want to spend a lot of money every time I make a change!! The good news is that you CAN absolutely have pretty decor and still stay on budget!! Let’s talk about this little Dollar Tree inspired zip code sign and how easy it is to put together!!

First off, gather your supplies!!
  1. Tumbling blocks from Dollar Tree
  2. Hot glue/Hot glue gun
  3. Stain
  4. White paint
  5. Wood Numbers
  6. Paint Stir Stick (You can do SO many things with paint sticks!!)

The first thing to do is assemble the blocks as you want them to look. In this pic there are 45 pieces used so one box was plenty since it had 72 pieces total.

Dollar Tree Zip Code Sign

These are staggered, three vertical and three horizontal. Once the layout is how I want it, I begin to glue. I’m choosing to glue three pieces together at a time and then glue those three pieces to the next three. I did notice if I allowed my glue to cool down the pieces did not hold as well. So make sure your gun stays hot.

Dollar Tree Zip Code Sign

Once all the pieces are glued, add stain.

Dollar Tree Zip Code Sign

Allow the stain to dry completely and then dry brush white paint on top.

Dollar Tree Zip Code Sign

Don’t forget to cover all four sides as well.

While the paint is drying gather your wood numbers and stain them. The ones I’m using came from JoAnns on clearance.

Finally you can hot glue your numbers on once they are dry.

I just love the contrast of the numbers against the white washed blocks!!

The very last thing to do is add a brace to the back. I had a gallon paint stir stick that I cut into two pieces and then attached with glue.

Dollar Tree Zip Code Sign

The Dollar Tree zip code sign is all finished and ready to display!! What do you think friends?? I’d love to know if you’re going to give this one a try!!

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