DIY Paint Stir Stick Sign

Have you ever needed a quick and inexpensive way to make a little sign? Well, here ya go friends!! When I spotted paint stir stick at Walmart on clearance I grabbed two packs. They will be perfect to make this little DIY paint stir stick sign!

The first thing I do is measure and mark each stick at 12 inches. I cut the ends off of each stick and use some of the leftover cuttings for the back of the sign.

DIY Paint Stir Stick Sign
DIY Paint Stir Stick Sign

Each package contains three stir sticks, so there are six total for the sign. The ends that are cut off are perfect to glue to the back of the sign to hold everything together. I’ll use wood glue to attach three pieces to the back.

Once the glue is dry and the pieces on the back of the sign are secure, you may choose to add stain, or you can leave it natural. I add a wire hangar as well by drilling small holes into the top of the sign and adding wire. To prevent the wire from coming back out, use a wooden skewer to wrap the wire around and make a coil. Insert one end of your wire into one side and coil, then repeat on the other side.

DIY Paint Stir Stick Sign
DIY Paint Stir Stick Sign

The last step of adding the wire is optional and rope can be substituted for the wire as well. This little paint stir stick sign was only a $1.00 to make since I had all the other supplies on hand! This little DIY is fairly simple and budget friendly, two of my favorites!!

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