Dollar General Reversible Pumpkin/Snowman Sign

There’s nothing better than a sign that I can use TWICE as long in my decor!! That’s why when I saw this pumpkin sign at Dollar General I scooped it up as fast as I could!! The three pumpkins on the front are already cute (with an extra touch they’ll be even better!) and the shape of the backside is PERFECT for a snowman!! I’m so excited to show you this Dollar General reversible pumpkin/snowman sign!!

List of Supplies

  • Pumpkin sign from Dollar General – $4
  • Scrapbook paper
  • White chalk paint
  • Orange and pink acrylic paint
  • Sanding block
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint Brush
  • Black Paint Pen
  • Buffalo Check Material
  • Brown Sharpie
  • Hot Glue/Craft Glue

The pumpkin sign has some painted words on the front, along with the wooden word “thankful.” I’ll sand the two painted words off and keep the “thankful.” I’ll also remove the raffia bow and replace it.

Dollar General reversible pumpkin/snowman sign

Once the words are sanded off, choose a piece of scrapbook paper to use on the middle pumpkin that coordinates with the blue and orange pumpkins. I find it easiest to trace the middle pumpkin onto the paper, cut it out, and then Mod Podge it on.

Isn’t this paper so pretty?? I love how it coordinates and brings the other two colors together so well!! Next up, use orange acrylic paint to cover the top pumpkin and then use a brown Sharpie to add lines.

The last thing to do for this side is add a simple little bow to the top with a dab of hot glue or craft glue.

Dollar General reversible pumpkin/snowman sign

Do you wanna build a snowman??

Let’s start on the other side!! First step is to paint the entire backside white with chalk paint. Be careful not to allow your paint to drip down the sides since it might be seen on the pumpkins when using the reverse side.

Once your paint is dry, you will add material to act as a scarf. I’ll use a small strip of buffalo check material folded in half length wise and attach it with hot glue. I find that adding a small section at a time works well by bunching the material as I glue.

Once the material is glued all the way across you should have a good length of material left hanging down. You will use this extra to create tails a little later. Now you will need an additional piece of material to tie into a knot. Once your knot is tied, you will cut off the excess ends and you will glue this on the right side of the neck area to look like the scarf is tied.

We will finish the scarf by using scissors to cut up the center of the material hanging down in order to create tails and then cut the bottoms of each tail at an angle.

Finally, let’s give our snowman some buttons and a face!! I’ll take the black paint marker to add buttons first, then a mouth, eyes and eyebrows, and finishing up with a nose.

And finally add just a touch of pink to the cheek…….

Dollar General reversible pumpkin/snowman sign

with a polka dot bow for a finishing touch. This adorable Dollar General reversible pumpkin/snowman sign is ready for fall AND Christmas.


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