Egg Carton Spring Basket

Hey friends!! You may not know this, but I LOVE to find creative ways to re-purpose discarded, every day items. I have seen so many of these little egg carton spring baskets on Pinterest and have fallen in love with the idea of trying one myself. So here it goes, lets try our hand at making one!!

The process is really simple, starting with an egg carton obviously!!

egg carton spring basket

I had this carton on hand after using the white eggs that were inside. I bought these at Walmart, Merry Art Dyeable Decorating Easter Eggs, 24-Pack. I used a serrated knife to cut it into sections, giving me four “baskets.”

The next thing to do is pick a paint color and give your basket a good coat. I’ll be using acrylic paints. I want a lighter shade of blue, so I’ll mix some blue paint with a white to lighten it.

egg carton spring basket

Once your paint is dry you can add glitter, flowers, ect. I’ll be adding glitter and a small paper banner.

egg carton spring basket

The last thing to add to the basket is a handle. You can use wire, but I decided to use silver pipe cleaner to give it some “bling.” Use a sharp object to put a hole in either side of the carton.

Place one end of your pipe cleaner into the hole on one side of the basket and twist the end to secure. Repeat the same step for the other side.

egg carton spring basket

Now you’re ready to add any additional embellishments and fill with some grass and eggs!!

egg carton spring basket

This little egg carton spring basket is so fun and whimsical!! I’m so glad you were here!! Make sure to follow along everywhere!! See you next time!

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