Easy Flowered Easter Eggs

Easter is coming and I love to find creative ways to display Easter eggs around my home. Enter paper flowers and glitter, two of my favorite elements! I can’t wait to see these easy flowered Easter eggs come together! Eggs combined with glitter and beautiful flowers add such a romantic touch don’t you think?

I’ll be using these styrofoam eggs from Dollar Tree that were $1.25 for six!

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easy flowered Easter eggs

Prepping the eggs…

Paint the eggs your favorite color and allow them to dry. I find it VERY helpful to insert a wooden skewer into the bottom of the egg before painting. It makes this process much quicker and easier, and once you’re finished you can easily add the eggs to greenery. Once dry, add Mod Podge and either a chunky glitter or Diamond Dust. I LOVE this Diamond Dust that I get from Amazon. I like to add spray glue to each glittered egg to help keep the glitter intact.

Adding some flair…

Now it’s time to add some pretty paper flowers. I picked these up at Hobby Lobby, but be sure to watch for the 40% off sales!!

easy flowered Easter eggs

This process is super simple because I’ll just be hot glueing the flowers onto the eggs. I should add that if you’d like your flowers to be glittered as well, you can attach the flowers first (as shown below) and then glitter everything at once.

I just LOVE these patterned flowers!! They are so springy don’t you think? If you love glittered projects don’t miss this one!!!

easy flowered Easter eggs
easy flowered Easter eggs

The best part of these easy flowered Easter eggs is that you can insert the skewers into an existing arrangement!! So EASY and a quick way to add a touch of Easter to your home!

easy flowered Easter eggs

I like the pop of pink tucked into this greenery!! It makes such a SWEET addition for spring and Easter!

easy flowered Easter eggs

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