How to Make Fun Yard Stick Boxes

Hey all!!! I’ve had this stack of yard sticks for a while now and I was waiting for just the perfect project to use them. In my head I always knew they could be pretty decor, but how?!? I’m dreamin’ of boxes, boxes, boxes and the beach!! Maybe even boxes that sack?? Let’s give it a try and see if we can create some yard stick boxes with a beach flair!

Supplies I’ll be Using….

  • Yard Sticks (Mine were given to me but you should be able to pick them up at a lumber yard.)
  • Hot Glue
  • Wood Glue
  • Paint (This is my favorite color!!)
  • Saw for cutting (I used a Miter Saw.)
How to Make Yard Stick Boxes

The first thing I’m going to do is cut 6 pieces from my yard stick. To make each box you’ll use a little more than one yard stick. I’m using four 12″ pieces (approximately) and two 2 1/2″ pieces (approximately), six pieces total per box.

Step 1: First up we will glue two of the 12″ pieces together to form the bottom. I’m using mainly wood glue with a very small amount of hot glue to provide an initial hold. Be sure to wipe excess wood glue away if it seeps out. Also, don’t overuse the hot glue or the fit between pieces will not be snug.

How to Make Yard Stick Boxes

The is the bottom and base of your box.

Step 2: Glue the remaining 12″ pieces on either side.

How to Make Yard Stick Boxes

Step 3: Now you’ll glue each end on to complete the yard stick box.

How to Make Yard Stick Boxes

Step 4: Finally we are ready to paint it up!!!

How to Make Yard Stick Boxes
How to Make Fun Yard Stick Boxes

Don’t these colors take you away to the beach?!?

How to Make Fun Yard Stick Boxes

Y’all…making these yard stick boxes may be addictive!! How fun are these colors?!? I love that you can stack them and use ANY color combination you like!!! What do you think?? Be sure to let me know if you make them!!


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