Tea Stained Flags

Hi all!! Since we are already into June I’ve started adding some patriotic touches to my house for Independence Day. It will be here before we know it!! Today I’m sharing an easy method for adding a little character with tea stained flags!!

For this simple process you will need some cotton flags and two black tea bags. You will be able to “age” your flags in a matter of minutes!!

The first thing to do is boil at small pan of water (my pan was about half full) and add your two tea bags. Turn the heat off and allow your tea bags to sit in the pan of water about 20 minutes.

Once the time is up remove the flags from the plastic “poles” and add them to a a bowl or large coffee cup. Then, pour the tea over them, making sure the flags stay completely submerged.

tea stained flags
tea stained flags

I’ll leave the flags in the tea for twenty minutes and then remove and lay on paper towels to dry.

After the flags are dry you can easily slip them back on the “poles” to display.

tea stained flags

That’s all there is to it!! It’s a simple and inexpensive process and the tea stained flags adds so much character to your decor!! I’m so glad you stopped by!! Be sure to follow along with Word and Home on all social media!!


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