Farmhouse Wood Tag Make-Over

You guys know how I LOVE a clearance item, right?? This little DIY starts right there in the Dollar General Christmas clearance section!! I pick up this tag not even knowing if it will work for what I want, but I decide to go for it since it is on clearance. It will be perfect (fingers crossed) for a little farmhouse wood tag make-over.

wood tag make-over

I am happy enough the tag is on clearance, but here’s the best part guys, it is only .27 cents!!! I am surprised and then a little sad because it is the last one they have!! But, at least I managed to snag ONE!!

An Easy Transformation

The first thing I need to do is check to see how easily the green ring can be removed. Thankfully, it’s easier than I expect!! The green ring pops right off with the help of a screwdriver and the pegs that are left on the tag are just glued on, so they are easy to remove as well!!

wood tag make-over
wood tag make-over

After everything is removed, I’ll use a sanding block to lightly sand and then cover the rope and edges with blue tape.

Now, I’m finally ready to add a coat of spray paint! While my paint dries I’ll use my Cricut to cut some vinyl letters that I’ll apply to my tag. You have a blank canvas after you paint your tag so you can add anything you like. The 3D words that are literally EVERYWHERE would be perfect to attach to this cute little tag!

Farmhouse wood-tag makeover

After the vinyl letters are applied I’ll add some cute ribbon at the top and it’s all finished guys!! I LOVE the little farmhouse wood tag make-over because the possibilities are just endless with what you can do!! And don’t forget the best part, the tag was .27 cents!! That’s a price that will make even the most serious thrifter happy!!

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