Garage Sale Planters From Trash to Treasure

I love to find a good deal at a garage sale and there are certain items I NEVER pass up!! These awesome planters fit the bill and there was no way I was leaving them behind with a price tag of only $1 each!! With a little clean up and some spray paint these garage sale planters will go from trash to treasure!!

These planters need a little love!!

The first thing I need to do is take a sanding block and sand the dry/loose paint away from each planter, they have both been well used! Then I just wash them off with the water hose and leave them to dry in the sun. Once they are dry it is time to add a coat of spray paint. I like to use Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover paint and Primer in flat black.

After a little black spray paint this garage sale planter looks good as new, maybe better!! These two beauties can be used on my back patio OR my front porch! I can envision them in the fall holding brightly colored mums, can’t wait! So, let’s re-cap what this little re-do cost. One can of spray paint (I used most of the can for 2 planters) that I purchased for $4.33 and the two planters that were a combined cost of $2.00. So the grand total is $6.33! Not bad at all and I saved two planters that were probably headed to the trash! Thanks so much for checking in on the planter make-over guys!! I hope you are inspired!

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