How to Grunge Material Strips

Hey there!! Have you fallen in love with the vintage and grunged look on your DIYs as much as I have?!? For the most part I LOVE this look on all of my projects, including adding wax to give an aged look, or coffee and cinnamon for grunge on material. Today I’m sharing an easy way to grunge material strips to use in your bows and on other craft elements.

First, I’m using lots of torn material strips of different patterns. I like to pick up material on clearance and at the Dollar Tree. You can use this technique on lace, muslin, and other kinds of fabrics too. I’ll add all of the strips to a large pyrex dish for less mess.

torn material strips sprayed with coffee and vanilla

Next, spray the material with a coffee mixture until saturated. I’ll be using cooled coffee and a little bit of vanilla in the spray bottle. Half way through the process I’ll flip the material over and spray the underside.

If you like just the coffee stain look you can stop here and allow the material to dry. I’m wanting a grungier, dirtier look so I’ll sprinkle a mixture of coffee grounds and cinnamon on top. I’m using the used coffee grounds from my coffee maker.

coffee grounds and cinnamon sprinkled on top of saturated material strips

Drying Method

Next, I’ll mix the material strips up with the mixture and allow to dry in the sun or oven at 300 degrees. It’s raining today so I’ll using the oven method, laying the strips flat on a cookie sheet and leaving them in the oven about 15 minutes. If you choose this method be sure not to leave unattended.

Once the strips are dry I’ll remove the excess cinnamon and coffee grounds, along with any remaining strings. Now I’m ready to add these beauties to all my projects! Any material can be used, so this technique is perfect for adding age and character to projects year round! Let me know if you enjoy this technique!

How to Grunge Material Strips

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