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Hey there! I recently picked up this little Dollar Tree nativity and want to give it a simple and neutral make-over. I’ll be combining it with a $3.00 sign I already have in my stash. This little project comes in under $5.00 y’all and I can’t wait to show you this Dollar Tree nativity make-over!

Dollar Tree nativity

Supplies for this DIY…

  • Dollar Tree Nativity 3-D Kit
  • Copy of Silent Night! Holy Night! or Away in the Manger
  • Waverly Antiquing Wax
  • Cardboard or Corrugated Paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Raffia
  • White Paint
  • Sign or Board
  • Copy of Bethlehem Star
  • Hot Glue

First up I’m staining each piece with the Waverly Antiquing Wax and then snipping the notches off the bottom of each one.

Nativity stained and notches snipped off

I picked up this sign from the Target Dollar Spot for $3.00 and I want to darken it up a bit so I’ll rub on some Antiquing Wax and remove with a wipe.

Dollar Tree nativity and Target sign
$3 Target sign with Waverly Antiquing wax applied
$3 Target sign with Waverly Antiquing wax applied

Adding the hymnal background…

Now I want to copy the hymn “Silent Night” to attach as the background. First I”ll darken the copy paper by soaking it in coffee and allowing it to dry. Then I can run it through the printer to copy “Silent Night” onto it. I’m crinkling the paper up first and then smoothing it out with an iron so it runs through the printer easily.

crumpled copy paper
crumpled copy paper
copy of Silent Night! Holy Night!

Next, I’m laying everything out to see how it will look. I’ve gently torn around the edges of the hymnal copy.

Next, attach the hymn to the sign using Mod Podge.

Mod Podge used to attach copy of hymn to sign
printout of North star

I want to add a star to the top so I copied one (find it here) from the internet, cut it out, and then glued it to the back of some corrugated paper. If you don’t have corrugated paper you can use a piece of cardboard for this.

print of North star cut and glued to corrugated paper

north star cut from corrugated paper

Putting it all together…

Now it’s time to start attaching everything to the sign and I’ll be using hot glue for this part. I do want to add some raffia first so that it is tucked in behind the Joseph, Mary, and the manger with Jesus. At this point I’ve decided not use the wise men because when added it made the project seem off center.

raffia added to bottom of sign
raffia glued to bottom of sign

Once I get everything glued on, I’ll go back and trim the raffia. I’m also adding some distress ink to the edges of the page that I applied to the sign. It was an afterthought so I had to do this once it was already applied. This step will be much easier if you ink it before gluing it down.

Tim Holtz distress ink in Walnut
Dollar Tree Nativity Make-Over

Finally this simple little Dollar Tree nativity make-over is complete! You could absolutely add the three wisemen to this piece if desired. I think that corrugated star on top adds so much to this project too!

Dollar Tree Nativity Make-Over
Dollar Tree Nativity Make-Over
Dollar Tree Nativity Make-Over

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