Dollar Tree Snowman – Easy DIY

Have you ever seen a decor piece online or in the store that you immediately just LOVE, but then you get sticker shock when you see the price? Of course you have, we all have!! I saw the prettiest snowman with a unique shape while I was online one day and I tucked that image away in the back of my mind. Lo and behold I spotted a glass vase at Dollar Tree and I knew it was perfect to create my version of the snowman I fell in love with! For this Dollar Tree snowman we will combine that inexpensive vase with a Dollar Tree ornament to create!

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Dollar Tree vase and Dollar Tree plastic ornament

Project Supplies…

Here’s what we’ll be using to complete this Dollar Tree snowman.

  • Dollar Tree Vase
  • Dollar Tree white plastic ornament
  • Air Dry Clay for nose
  • Dollar Tree Stylus
  • Mod Podge/Glitter
  • Black & Orange Paint
  • Dollar Tree Stickers (Buttons)
  • E-6000 Glue
  • Material (Mine if from a fat quarter from DT Plus section)
  • Pom Pom trim
  • Snowflake (metal or wood)
  • White Spray Paint
Dollar Tree ornament glued into top of Dollar Tree glass vase

First up let’s attach the ornament to the top of the vase using E-6000 and allow that to dry a few hours. I know it’s not pretty, but this will be covered with paint so no worries! Once the glue is dry we will spray everything with a couple of coats of spray paint. If you don’t have spray paint just cover the piece with white acrylic or chalk paint.

white spray paint
Dollar Tree vase and ornament spray painted white

Next, let’s add a face and all the details. There are imperfections you can see now, but the glitter covers everything nicely. Use the stylus to add the eyes first, then the clay nose, and finally the mouth.

black dot for snowman eyes
air dry clay snowman nose
air dry clay snowman nose painted orange
snowman face completed

When attaching the nose I found it worked best to use a small drop of hot glue for immediate hold and a little E-6000 for a permanent hold. One last thing to add before we glitter and that’s the buttons. I found these larger stickers at Dollar Tree and when painted black they are perfect for this project!

Dollar Tree stickers painted black
Dollar Tree stickers attached to vase

Making the snowman snowy….

Now let’s make this snowman glisten by brushing on Mod Podge or glue, and then sprinkling on the glitter. You might choose to complete one section and allow dry time before glittering the next section, just whatever works best for you.

Mod Podge and glitter
glittered snowman head
glittered snowman head

Once everything is glittered I like to take the project outside and cover with spray glue or a sealant which helps keep more of the glitter intact on the project.

clear acrylic sealer spray

When the Dollar Tree snowman is completely dry it’s time to add a scarf. I found the cutest pack of fat quarter material in the Dollar Tree Plus section so I’m using some of that. Any of your favorite material would be perfect! I’m not tying this into a knot, I just wrap around the neck area and secure with a dab of hot glue. Any snowflake can be added to the center of this, including one of the Dollar Tree wood snowflakes.

glittered snowman with material scarf

Finally, let’s add a hat from the same material. The section I’m using is about 13 inches long.

material section for snowman hat

Hot glue the sides together, creating something like this. Then create a hem by gluing about a half inch of the material inside.

snowman hat
snowman hat with glued hem
snowman hat on snowman

Now just set the hat down on his head to see where’d you wold like to attach with hot glue. The top will be gathered and tied with the pom pom trim. I added a little Poly Fil to the hat before attaching, but this step is optional.

attaching hat with hot glue
completed Dollar Tree snowman
completed Dollar Tree snowman

All finished and I think this Dollar Tree snowman definitely looks high end!! What do you think? Would anyone ever guess he’s all things Dollar Tree? Let me know if you give him a try!

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