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Ready or not, Christmas will be here soon and I’m in the mood for some snowman decor! How about you? Here’s a FUN way to combine air dry clay with a Dollar Tree styrofoam ball to create an adorable Christmas piece, the DIY melting snowman!!

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Supply list for this project…

  • BOHS Air Dry Clay (White)
  • Dollar Tree 1.4 Inch Styrofoam Ball
  • Large Wood Slice (Mine is from Dollar General)
  • Acrylic Paint(Black/Orange/Pink)
  • Toothpick
  • Craft Glue
  • Glitter/Mod Podge
  • Hat (Mine is from the mini ornament section at Walmart.)
  • Strip of Material(Scarf)
  • 2 Thin Sticks (Arms)
  • Three Black Dollar Tree Stickers(Buttons)
  • Dollar Tree Stylus
  • Wax Paper

The first step is to form the clay into a “melted” snow puddle. I’m starting with about a golf ball sized section of clay. I’ll roll it out carefully, making sure to not roll it too thin.

small ball of white Bohs clay
white clay rolled out
white clay rolled out

Now I’ll use my craft blade to cut out indentions so the “puddle” isn’t so round. Then, I’m using a scraping tool to push in and smooth the edges.

white clay rolled out
white clay rolled out

The Snowman Head…

Now we just need to create the snowman head using the Dollar Tree styrofoam ball. I create the face first, using the acrylic paint, a Dollar Tree stylus, and a toothpick.

Paint the end of the toothpick orange and snip toothpick in half. Insert the toothpick piece into the ball, adding glue to end to secure.

1.4" styrofoam ball with toothpick inserted and black dots added for face
snowman face with pink added to cheeks

Allow the paint to dry on the face and then brush Mod Podge over the whole head. Add glitter to the wet Mod Podge.

snowman face with pink added to cheeks and Mod Podge brushed on
snowman face with pink added to cheeks and Mod Podge brushed on and glitter sprinkled on

Once everything is dry I’ll start gluing everything together to create our DIY melting snowman!

First I’ll glue the stick arms down first, and then add the snowman head to the middle.

Then I’ll wrap the material strip around the base of the head and glue for the scarf.

snowman head and stick arms glued to clay on top of wood slice

Don’t forget to trim and fray the ends.

Now I’ll attach the hat with hot glue behind the head.

Dollar Tree stickers painted black

Earlier I painted three of the Dollar Tree stickers black and I’ll be using these as the snowman buttons.

painted Dollar Tree stickers glued onto clay
completed melted snowman

Finally, the melting snowman is assembled and look how cute!! We could stop here, but I think a little glistening would be perfect! I’ll brush on some Mod Podge in the desired areas and then sprinkle on a small amount of my favorite glitter.

glitter added to melted snowman
glitter added to melted snowman

I just have to say, I NEVER get tired of creating snowmen!! This guy turned out perfectly and will be so cute in my Christmas decor! What do you think? I hope you love snowmen as much as I do!!

DIY melted snowman
DIY melted snowman

Re-Cycled Snowman Hat

Dollar General Reversible Pumpkin/Snowman Sign

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