How to Make Air Dry Clay Christmas Ornaments

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is buying each of my kiddos the perfect ornament that represents the past year. For example, when my daughter started guitar lessons I found her a pretty pink guitar ornament. I love knowing that they can take these ornaments with them when they move into their own homes some day and each one will bring back childhood memories. So this year my LOVE for handmade gifts has given me the idea to create my own ornaments and I want to share how to make air dry clay Christmas ornaments with you.

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Crayola air dry clay, red and white baking twine, red ink pad, and Christmas stamps

I’m using the Crayola brand air dry clay for this one. It’s heavier than the foam clay, but I think it will work perfectly for these ornaments and tags. I’ll also be using cookie cutters (these are some of my favorites.), ink, stamps, twine, and a wood skewer to make the hole in each ornament.

Creating the tags….

clay rolled out and cookie cutter shape pressed into it

First up I’ll roll out some of the clay out, about 1/4″ in thickness. Choose a cookie cutter and press it into the clay. Once the extra clay is cleared away I’ll press a stamp onto the shape. I’ve chosen red ink and I made sure to get plenty of ink onto the stamp, wiping the excess from edges using a wipe.

"No Peeking" stamp  and clay shape with "No Peeking" stamped onto it

You’ll notice on some of the ornaments that the red is lighter, and sometimes darker. This totally depends on how much ink you have on your stamp and how hard you press into the clay.

clay shape with "No Peeking" stamped onto it and skewer inserted to poke hole

Finally, use the end of the skewer to make a hole in the top. Once this is done set the clay ornaments aside to dry. This particular clay instructs about 2-3 days for drying. If you enjoy handmade ornaments you’ll want to try these too!!

"no peeking" clay tag attached to a Christmas package
clay tag with Merry and Bright stamped on
"no peeking" clay tag attached to a Christmas package

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