Easy Home Decor Risers – Budget Friendly DIY

Hey there friend!! Ready for an easy AND budget friendly DIY that you can use year round in your home? This is one of my favorite ways to add height in a vignette or just a touch of farmhouse on a shelf!! I’m always on the lookout for creative ways to make these easy home decor risers and today I’m sharing two inexpensive hacks that I use.

wood wall hanging from Ross, snowman wood shapes from Dollar Tree, and Walmart finial caps

Finding inexpensive supplies…

To create on a budget we often have to look at the most unsuspecting places for supplies. One of my favorite places to search is Ross, believe it or not!! They actually have a crafting section, and depending on what day you check you may strike gold!! Recently I picked up the wall hanging you see above for $3.99!! I fell in LOVE with the shape of the little plaques and knew immediately I would cut them apart and use them as risers!! For the feet I often use finial caps from the Walmart craft aisle, but recently I picked up wooden snowmen from Dollar Tree that will work beautifully too!!

Prepping the risers…

First off I need to separate the wood plaques to use as risers. These guys are attached with jute and staples which I’ll remove with pliers.

wood wall hanging from Ross turned over
section of wood wall hanging with jute and staples removed

Attaching the feet…

Now these plaques that I’m using don’t require any paint or stain because I LOVE the finish, but the “feet” are a different story so I’ll be staining them with Minwax Espresso stain. I’ll be making two variations, one with the Walmart finial caps and one with the Dollar Tree wooden snowmen.

Walmart wood finial caps stained with Minwax Espresso stain
Dollar Tree wood snowman shapes
Dollar Tree snowman shapes stained Espresso

Once the “feet” are stained I’ll attach them to the bottom of the riser using wood glue. Such an easy process and wait until you see how these stained feet pop against the riser’s finish!!!

Titebond wood glue applied to the bottom of the Walmart finial cap
stained finial caps stained and attached to the bottom of wood wall hanging section
Dollar Tree wood snowmen stained and attached to the bottom of wood wall hanging section

They are fully assembled now so just wait for the wood glue to dry and then style! I’m so excited to show you this one!!

Completed riser with Dollar Tree feet set on top of book stack
completed riser with Walmart finial cap feet setting on book stack
completed risers stacked on top of one another
completed riser on display with green heart on top

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